Sunday, 11 September 2016

July Meeting Recap

At our July meeting, TMQG President Helen Stubbings (Quarter Inch) gave us an informative talk about preparing quilts for exhibitions. This information was very helpful to those of us feeling a bit nervous about entering quilts in a quilt show for the first time.

Helen's tips included:
  • take full size and close up photos of your quilt
  • remove all loose threads, marks and pet hair 
  • prepare a hanging sleeve according to the requirements of the exhibition
  • to avoid bad creases, fold your quilt with the outside out and make the first fold horizontal
  • bags should have easy to read labels and preferably be made using french (enclosed) seams which means no loose threads!
Some judges will give a written critique but this is not usual in Australian Quilt Shows. Judges often adjudicate according to the following criteria: 
  • colour, balance, design and quilting - is it in proportion and complimentary?
  • is the quilt square - does it lay flat?
  • a full binding which is evenly stitched on
  • no threads or fibres caught under seams
  • all threads buried (or lock stitch)
  • proper tension
  • "pointy" points with seams neatly aligned
  • no visible marking lines 
  • straight sashing
  • applique/hand stitching well executed
Thanks Helen for some great tips and thought for those of us planning to enter our quilts in the upcoming Tasmanian Quilt Expo (September 16-18).

Then it was time for our Show and Tell and there was plenty of beauty and inspiration to be found this month!
  1. Vintage Revival Quilt by Lauren - her first FMQ Quilt!
  2. Improv. baby Quilt by Lauren
  3. "The Hulk" - Framed pattern (by Bonnie and Camille) by Lauren

  4. Batman Plus Quilt - also by Lauren

  5. "Tree of Right or Wrong" Art Quilt by Wendy
  6. President's Challenge "Modern Embroidery meets Modern Quilting" by Faye
  7. "Twice" Quilt by Shirley (so called because she made a mistake on it - twice!)
  8. Civil War Legacies by Michelle
  9. Quilt (Leonie Bateman Design) - also by Michelle
  10. Submission for the Adelaide Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) by Kat - took 480 hours to make!
  11. QAYG Bias Binding Quilt - by Kat
  12. Quilt involving 3876 pieces - also by Kat

  13. Gravity Quilt Top - by Selina

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