Thursday, 16 April 2020

Cancellation of May Meeting and Sewing Day

Hello to all our members and friends!

The Australian government has announced the extension of the current lockdown measures for at least another for weeks, so we have cancelled our May meeting and sewing day.

Although disappointing, the recent outbreak in the NW of the state shows how important these measures are for our continued safely and the safety of our community.

If you are alone in isolation or otherwise having difficulty coping, please reach out. And remember to check in on your quilting friends via phone, email, messanger, or whatever your preferred contact method is. We are fortunate that we have technology to help us feel less alone!

We look forward to the day we can have a meeting and distribute hugs!


Your TMQG Committee

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Cancellations, aka Opportunities to Sew at Home!

It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to cancel the Sewing Day scheduled for 22 March 2020 as well as our April meeting, which was scheduled to occur on 1 April 2020. Note: This is not an April Fool's Joke.

With the number of other events that are being cancelled you probably won't be surprised by this decision. The health of all of our members is important to us, and many members were either not going to attend or were worried about making the decision.

If you'd like to see our full latest update, it is available at:

Please feel free to join some of us in the Tassie Quilters Network group on Facebook, at . This way we can share what we're working on and not feel quite so isolated!

Our business member shops are all still open. I'll provide links below to their websites and/or Facebook pages so that you can keep up to date with them. Not only are they great places to catch up with other quilters, but you may need one or two more fabrics in case we start to face quarantine, right? 
  • CANCELLED Our March sewing day, next Sunday 22 March
  • CANCELLED Our April meeting 
  • STILL ON Our 2020 President's Challenge, FIRE * ASH * GROWTH
  • STILL ON QuiltJane workshops in June! Blooming Dresden and Grey Matter (to be assessed closer to the dates)
  • At this point our May meeting is still on, however we will assess this closer to the date.
Please also remember that if you have any charity quilts that we've been making for those displaced by the fires, please bring them by the JUNE MEETING as Janine will be able to transport them.

With 'social distancing', you have more time at home to stitch!

Saturday, 14 March 2020

2020 President's Challenge Announced!

This year's President's Challenge is looking beyond the tragedy of this summer's bushfires:

These will be on display at Island Quilts later this year, and if you wish to have your item sold or donated please indicate. Money raised will go towards a foundation promoting fauna and flora regrowth.

This will be a judged Presidents' Challenge with judges, prizes and sponsors to be announced at a later date and updated one the Challenge Page.

Cost to enter is $20 which includes the fabric kit consisting of 4 x fat quarters + 1 x 5” square. These are available at TQMG Meetings or at Quarter Inch.
Entries must be submitted by the August meeting.

To be eligible for prizes all of the following rules  must be strictly followed:

  • Wall Hanging Size: 60cm x 40cm (Portrait) Finished (bound)
  • All fabrics in the provided kit are to be used; you can add one matching tone on tone fabric only.
  • 10% modern applique can be included.
  • A strip of Velcro must be attached to the top back for displaying purposes. (We suggest attaching this to a removable sleeve. We do NOT recommend attempting to quilt through Velcro.)
  • Quilting must be in a modern style but can have contrasting threads.
  • No embellishments (beading, etc).
  • Label on the back with your name and your entry's title.
  • Backing can be any fabric of your choice.
  • Can be constructed and quilted by hand, machine, or both.
  • Must have 3 layers (top, batting, and backing).
  • Can be individual or a group, although everyone in the group must be members of TQMG.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Our apologies for not having published new posts for a few months. A laptop death had made it a difficult job, but this has now been sorted out. New posts will be coming soon.

The Calendar has been updated with events in the next few months.

Monday, 7 October 2019

October 2019 Meeting Show and Tell

We had some lovely quilts shared at our October meeting. It is inspiring to have such talented members!

Karen did this gorgeous fox at Helen Godden's workshops. Only the outline was drawn; the rest was improv free motion quilting!

Karen did this at a Hele Godden workshop. Gorgeous painting!

Julie has spent two years making this out of hexies made from scraps. If only it had made a dent in her scraps!

A Christa Watson pattern, beaded lanterns. Putting lanterns one the back as well was a really great idea.

 A lovely baby quilt from Shirley.

My photo does not do the colours of this justice ; it really pops!

A gorgeous new quilt pattern from Helen! Petite Cherie!

 Anne showing how simple it can be to use Kaffe Fassett 's fabrics.

A Kaffe Fassett fabric inspired by bookend paper which Anne has used to cover a notebook! A great idea.

Finish Stitch Therapy 365! There were buttons holding the quilt sandwich together, which sparkled almost like sequins. Well done! The pattern is available at

I have Michelle's permission to share this from her Instagram page; the work is lovely so I wanted to share a great photo! She fussy cut in such a way she could use leftovers in other projects. Minimal waste! 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

September 2019 Meeting Show and Tell

Here's the wonderful creations that were shared for Show and Tell at our September meeting!

These were created for her daughter with fabrics purchased during the Shop Hop!
This is for someone's 50th, made by Sandra and the birthday girl's sister.

This is More is More, and it's currently for sale at The Quilted Teapot.

 This is Jane's mystery quilt. Yes, they're BIG!

This is the Penrose pattern that Tanya will be teaching at Frangipani Fabrics in December!

Shirley is quilting this for a friend! By HAND, as always!

One of Shirley's quilts, which many of us had a chance to view at The Quilted Teapot's quilt exhibition. I don't think I have the title perfectly right, but The Caged Bird comes to mind?

 More of Shirley's work.

I love this Dresden plate quilt Shirley made.

A finished project from a class at Quarter Inch!

This quilt will be taught at Quarter Inch's Quilt in a Day class. See the next photo for coordinating pillows...

These pillows were made from off-cuts from the flying geese in the previous photo. A great way to have coordinating pillows!

This is another class that will be taught soon at Quarter Inch involving Helen's method for colouring fabric with coloured pencils and a sealant! A close up of this panel can be seen in the next photo.

This is another class that will be taught soon at Quarter Inch involving Helen's method for colouring fabric with coloured pencils and a sealant! The full panel is in the previous photo.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Water for a Village Challenge: the Winners!

These are the winning quilts in the Water for a Village challenge.

It was wonderful to hear Catherine Wheatley speak about how many of them made a special connection for her and her work in Ethiopia. We hope that these quilts can help support her wonderful and important work. As she said, it is quite touching for women be stitching their kindness and thoughts into quilts to support other women so far away.

Thank you to Jane Nourish for making the ribbons.

Michelle won first place AND Viewer's Choice and was SO pleased.

Tracey and her 2nd place quilt.

Tina with her 3rd place quilt.

All of our winners with Catherine.